Our Classes (2021 to 2022)

We have a wide range of activities that we think you might like! From Art and Drawing through Table Tennis and Walking and through the alphabet to Yorkshire Dialect and Your Family Tree. We have so much to offer.

See the list of classes below. We plan to provide more details online of each class in the near future.

Membership is £5 per year enabling you to enrol for any number of classes. The classes cost £15 per term, per class.

  • An enrolment fee of £3, in addition to the membership fee, is payable for the Walking Group, to cover both terms.
  • An enrolment fee of £5, to cover both terms is paid direct to the Luncheon Club with the first lunch booking, in addition to the membership fee.
  • An enrolment fee of £6 for the whole year, in addition to the membership fee, is charged for the Book Club.
  • An enrolment fee of £5 for each term, in addition to the membership fee, is charged for Your Family Tree.
  • Since there is no membership card or number, it is essential that the receipt is retained and presented at the first session of each class.

    ** Some courses were previously heavily subscribed (impacted classes are greyed out in the following table). Please check for availability by contacting us.
    For further information on our policy for full classes, see the notes below the List of Classes.

Policy on Full Classes

Limits have to be placed on some classes because of the nature of the activity, availability of room space, facilities and equipment or the ability of the tutor to assist the number of students.
As an organisation, we have made the decision to give priority to existing students. However, the situation changes constantly and classes operate a waiting list. If you would like to be considered for a class, should a vacancy arise, please leave your contact details at any enrolment session or contact us by telephone or email.
Where groups have a waiting list, if a member does not attend for three consecutive meetings without informing the tutor, they may be deemed no longer to wish to attend that group.
The longer the restrictions continue, it is possible that there may be vacancies on classes that have previously shown as “full” so please make sure you add your name to our waiting list.