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Dewsbury and  District Third Age - Classes start 10th January and end 18th March 2011



(H23) Enhancing Digital Photos' - Photoshop CS3   

Did not run due to lack of support 

(H24) Computers for beginners       Tuesday     4 - 6pm                       Mr A P Burnley

This course will teach you the basics of computers, from what is in front of you to doing word processing, power point, publisher (making Christmas cards). Also emails and the internet. 

9 weeks only each term

MOUNT TABOR CHURCH, Chidswell Lane, Shawcross, Dewsbury.

(J25) Art                                            Monday 1.30 - 3.30pm            Mr B Urquhart 

Initially the class will concentrate on portraits and nature studies but if you wish to do another branch of art please come along and see.

(J26) Flower Arranging                  Tuesday 1.00 - 3.00pm            Mrs G Brown

Why not come along and learn how to arrange your flowers beautifully, as seen at the Oakwell Exhibition 


(K27) Indoor Bowls                           Monday 10-12noon                            Mrs D Hodge

45ft. Mat !! - less effort than Crown Green Bowling.  Class is over subscribed.  To go on waiting list phone Ken on 01924 515104 

(K28) Indoor bowls                           Thursday 2- 4pm                                 Mrs C Moss 

As above Over Subscribed


Note: If sufficient people are available a third class could be opened on Friday.  A reasonable group is 14 or 16, there is no atmosphere with less.

If interested please ring Ken on 01924 515104


(K29) Luncheon Club       Third Wednesday each month         Miss F Pickard (01924 462217) and Mrs B Winpenny

A friendly group who enjoy eating good food together in the Coach House.  (The coach house is in the Community Centre grounds)

  RAVENSTHORPE UNITED REFORMED CHURCH (North Road, opposite the 'Station Hotel')

(L30)         Tapestry & Decoupage:        Tuesday 10 – 12noon                      Mr.V.Oldroyd

Learn or improve your skills in a well established class on either day.  Some beautiful work is produced. 

(L31) Drawing &  Painting                            Wednesday 2-4pm                  Miss M Armitage

  A well-established and popular class; beginners welcome.  

Some examples of their work is shown by clicking here



Getting going in Art,                      Tuesday 10 - 12noon,                                  Mr. C Cain,

This is a class for those wishing to do some artwork for the first time.  We will learn some basics of materials and methods.   From time to time, look at art and learn by the example of other artists.  You will soon be making artworks you can be proud of!

  ST ANDREW’S, Old Bank Road, Mirfield

(M32) French Conversation(nearly)   Tuesday 10 – 12noon                               Mrs. A. Goulding

For those with a reasonable knowledge wishing to proceed towards conversation using ‘Breakthrough French 3’.  Tel. No. 497586  


First Steps in French,    Thursday 2 -4pm,                                                          Mrs. M-F Cain,

Come and learn the French language and way of life with a native speaker.  The emphasis will be on bulding confidence in speaking so that your next trip will be even more enjoyable.  For complete beginners or those with a very limited knowledge of French.


UNITED REFORMED CHURCH  (Longcauseway, Dewsbury)

(N33) Pergamano/Parchment craft   Monday 2 - 4pm    Mrs. D Walker  

Come along an learn how to make Victorian style greeting cards, bookmarks, gift boxes etc. from parchment style paper.  Using a variety of tools and grids.  Beginners welcome and also those with some experience.  New starters to the class are advised to ring the tutor on 01924 848746 before the first class.

(N34)  Lifestyle   Wednesday  10–12noon    Mrs P Sutcliffe.  

 This class (N34) has been canceled due to family commitments

Increase your self confidence and have a laugh at yourself.  At our age there is a tendency to lose that bit of self confidence but with our life experience we can show others how it is done.  (See New Classes)

(N35) Photography            Thursday 2 – 4pm                Mrs. S Bligh

To discover by means of lectures, competitions and group discussions what makes a good photograph and how to achieve this. This year’s slide and print competition subjects are: Something beginning with ‘W’, Lines, Bird(s), Industry, Bridge, Place of Worship, Wheels and The Sky. To see the Spring Programme click HERE

(N36) Painting & drawing      Friday  2 – 4pm             Mrs S Idle

A lovely way to spend a couple of hours with a very friendly group. Beginners welcome.       

(N37) Singing for pleasure   Friday 2 - 3.30pm  Conductor Mr P Travis, Pianist Mrs D Hirst   

The choir will sing a wide range of two or four part songs from musicals to light classicals.  Music reading is not essential and new members will be very welcome. Singing for the joy of it can give so much pleasure to yourself and others.  The aim will be to perform in public, probably in churches, halls and Homes etc.

We've songs for work and songs for leisure.   A welcome awaits you - come Sing for Pleasure.

 (N38) Solo Whist          Friday  2-4pm       Mrs E Stephenson

How often have you been let down by your partner? This a chance to show you can do it on your own.  Come and enjoy


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